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Aquae Sulis. Minerva

Aquae Sulis

Aquae Sulis translates from Latin into English as "the waters of Sulis", and was the name of the original Roman town which we now know as the city of Bath.

'The Waters of Sulis' refer to the natural spring which Bath, and specifically the Roman Baths, was built around. This natural spring was attributed to the Celtic solar diety Sulis due to its healing qualities.

The spring is the only hot spring in Britain, and the unique healing water arises from between 8,900 and 14,100ft below the earths surface.

Geothermal energy raises the water deep within the earth to temperatures between 69 and 96 degrees Celsius. The heated water rises to the surface along fissures and faults and the 42 minerals contained within it are thought to give the water its unique healing properties.

Our own emotional and psychological healing comes from deep within ourselves; deep below our own 'surface'.
When we encourage and allow our unconscious to become conscious we find healing, wholeness, a sense of our own 'coming together' and completeness.

Aquae Sulis. Roman Baths

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